once i found a fairy in my cup of tea





harry is that kid that gets kicked by the ball in the face 2 seconds after the dodgeball game starts

Wouldn’t he just use magic to block the ball?


What advice would you give to your character?


how does isaac get to school. so many cool shots of scott zooming into the parking lot on his lil motorbike but wheres isaac. does he take the bus. does melissa drop him off. does he walk. scott mccall is zipping around on his two wheel death trap while isaac has a nice chat with…

"The winters are hard, but the Starks will endure. We always have."


lycanthrope? no you misheard me. i’m a lichenthrope. i turn into moss at the full moon




 #can i mention how cool it is to have a variation of sherlock holmes where he says stuff like this #because it’s important #and this episode is my favourite so far because it’s surprisingly accurate #and it was just great to hear him say this #because sherlock holmes is of course intelligent and a modern sherlock would know this #and even though this holmes does have that social crass and indelicacy he’s softer in some ways to the others #which is what makes him different and a new take and interesting to watch #he’s a rare fictional example of a character who is pragmatic and driven and a bit socially blunt but also has a firm moral intelligence too #just because a character can be blunt and rude and not understand that they’ve just insulted someone doesn’t have to mean #that they don’t understand right from wrong  (via teacupsandcyanide)

I always reference this scene when talking about Jonny as Holmes because this is what makes him the most Holmesian Holmes since the passing of the great Jeremy Brett.

Sherlock Holmes cares about people, he cares about justice, he cares about not what is legally right but what is morally right and this scene reminds me so much of Holmes’ concern for Violet Hunter in The Copper Beeches or Violet Smith in The Solitary Cyclist or Helen Stoner in The Speckled Band all women in close proximity to abusers/potential abusers and he’s so concerned for them.

That’s Sherlock Holmes, a man concerned with justice and the protection of victims. I love Jonny’s Holmes with a passion because this is my childhood hero returned.

Agree with all the words above



don’t tell me that one direction don’t care about their fans when they purchased food and had it sent down to the fans waiting outside their hotel



This is a picture of my friend Becky. She used to be a happy, popular girl until one night she snorted marijuana at a party. She died instantly. Please, don’t do marijuana. It’s the most dangerous drug out there. Please don’t wind up like Becky.

omfg gabriela i can’t believe you took the time to find this
shut up

WTF? when did you post this? how did you post it? when i stopped following my tag? how did enter where i was tagged? HOW DOES THE INTERNET WORK 

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